Antidepressants' Interactions and Side Effects

Craving... The word with which we have the most pleasant emotions: a slight trembling in the chest, unrestrained desire, vivid emotions. But only when this attraction to something vicious, we do not experience anything pleasant: we are those who live next to the person who has this attraction and arises. And then to replace the romantic attraction comes the word more rough and hard - thrust.


And if the usual attraction can arise literally from nothing, then the attraction to the alcohol appears in the person because of his confidence that alcohol will relax, help calm down, relieve tension, give relaxedness and courage. Attraction to alcohol - this is the first bell of a terrible disease: alcoholism, its harbinger and a signal that it's time to fight with addiction.

The primary craving for alcohol appears in humans because of the lack of alcohol and its metabolites in the blood. I want to drink, because a person has confidence: he will relieve the emotional tension. Secondary attraction is characterized by the presence of alcohol or acetaldehyde in the blood, so it becomes harder for a person to stop drinking: a person begins to get drunk, even if he drank quite a bit. The desire to roll becomes difficult to overcome, and the drinker does not regard this as a pernicious addiction, but as something very similar to a feeling of hunger or thirst.

The craving for the alcohol is formed gradually: it does not appear suddenly. The drinker himself may not understand for a long time and do not realize this, he finds hundreds of explanations and the reasons for his drinking. For example, drinking, he solves some of his problems or enjoys spending time with friends, finds out the questions. Alcohol cravings during taking Citalopram or Fluoxetine are also possible.

To determine whether a person is attracted to alcohol is easy enough. One of the signs is a huge number of reasons for drinking. Often he becomes the initiator of booze, organizes them more often. With friends and acquaintances, a person experiencing attraction communicates exclusively with drinks, going on a visit, imperceptibly takes with himself alcohol, gets angry if he is not poured on a visit, his social circle begins to change: mostly those with whom you can drink , in other words, drinking companions. He increasingly begins to communicate with drinking people, ignoring non-drinkers.

The person who is drawn to alcohol is reserved for them and at home: he explains this, as a rule, by the fact that at any moment guests can come and they will have nothing to pour. It offers a family, neighbors, people around to drink a little, can call unfamiliar people to visit them, if only they were with him. Self attraction does not consider a vice: he firmly believes - with alcohol you can have fun and get distracted. Even you will have no need to take antidepressants - like Venlafaxine or Duloxetine.

All these signs of a person with an inclination for alcohol is not something that he does not recognize, but simply does not even realize what is happening - neither in communication with the family, nor with the doctors.

What To Do?

Treat. However, the main thing is to convince a person with a craving for alcohol that he is ill. He needs to want to overcome this problem. If it does not work out, turn to the narcologist, in specialized clinics, try to fight with folk methods and coding method. The main thing is to gain strength and patience, to create a comfortable environment for him, comfort and warmth, to remove everything that can cause his cravings, and fight, fight, fight. Also prescribing of Mirtazapine and Sertraline is recommended.